Doorspek Anti-Snap Cylinders


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Euro Architectural’s own range of anti pick cylinders are available in euro double and euro turn see our pre-fix below

  • Doorspek Anti Pick – Anti Drill – Anti Snap – Anti Panic -all standard features on our cylinder range
  • Anti-Panic feature allows entry/egress when key is ¬†inserted on other side of cylinder
  • Our Anti-snap cylinders are designed to allow access even when the front of the cylinder has been snapped off allowing you to still gain access to your property
  • euro double -EUED
  • euro Turns – EUET
  • euro single -EUES
  • oval double – EUOD NON ANTI SNAP
  • oval turns – EUOT NON ANTI SNAP
  • oval single -EUOS NON ANTI SNAP
  • we can key alike any of our cylinder via our on site locksmith
  • Bronze finish available on request
  • We offer a comprehensive selection of euro profile cylinders available in a vast number of sizes and profiles
  • Available in both brass and satin finishes the Doorspek cylinders are manufactured from solid brass incorporating 5 a pin system
  • The single euro profile cylinders allow opening from one side only ideal is security is required from one side and no access from the other
  • The high ¬†Double Euro cylinder ensure controlled access from both sides of the lock
  • The Double euro thumb turn cylinders are ideal for locations that require controlled access from one direction and easy access from another


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Doorspek Cylinders

70mm euro double 30/10/30 keyed alike, 70mm euro turn 30/10/30 keyed alike, 80mm euro double 35/10/35 keyed alike, 80mm euro turn 35/10/35 keyed alike, 90mm euro double 40/10/40 keyed alike, 90mm euro turn 40/10/40 keyed alike, 100mm euro double 35/10/55, 100mm euro double 40/10/50, 100mm euro double 45/10/45, 100mm euro turn 35/10/55, 100mm euro turn 40/10/50, 110mm euro double 45/10/55, 40mm euro single 25/10/5, 45mm euro single 30/10/5, 45mm oval single 30/10/5 (not anti snap), 50mm euro single 35/10/5, 55mm euro single 40/10/5, 60 euro double 25/10/25, 60mm euro turn 25/10/25, 70mm euro bathroom turn 30/10/30, 70mm euro double 25/10/35, 70mm euro double 30/10/30, 70mm euro turn 30/10/30, 70mm oval double 30/10/30, 70mm oval turn 30/10/30 (not anti snap), 80mm euro double 30/10/40, 80mm euro double 35/10/35, 80mm euro turn 30/10/40, 80mm euro turn 35/10/35, 85mm euro double 30/10/45, 85mm euro double 35/10/40, 85mm euro turn 40/10/35, 90mm euro double 30/10/50, 90mm euro double 35/10/45, 90mm euro double 40/10/40, 90mm euro turn 35/10/45, 90mm euro turn 40/10/40, 95mm euro double 35/10/50, 95mm euro double 40/10/45, Standard Rim Cylinders


Brass, Satin Chrome

Doorspek Anti-Snap Cylinders