White Twinslot Shelving


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 Twinslot Shelving Systems

Euro drop and lock architectural steel shelving is a twin slot system with independent brackets fixing into twin slotted wall-mounted uprights.  The twinslot system is specified by architects and is a preferred choice for distributors and stockists.  The bracket is designed for drop and lock placement which, when the shelf is fixed in place, prevents accidental dislodgement from impact.

A comprehensive range of steel shelves is available in white.  System components comprise brackets, uprights (available in chrome), spring rod and square book ends and shelf ends.  Components are manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel which is degreased by phosphate dip and finished by polyester antibacterial powder coating.  This inhibits bacteria growth, being effective against a wide range of microbial growth including e-coli and MRSA.

Brackets                                        Uprights                                             Bookends

EU1001W 4.5″  120mm         EU1011W 16.75″430mm              EU1073RW 10 X 6 Right hand

EU1002W 6.5″   170mm        EU1012W 28″  710mm                 EU1073LW 10 X 6 Left hand

EU1002B 8.5″   220mm        EU1013W 39.25″ 1000mm          EU1072RW 8 X 6 Right hand

EU1003W 10.5″ 270mm       EU1014W 48″  1220mm               EU1072LW 8 X6 Left hand

EU1004W 14.5″  370mm      EU1016W 63″  1600mm                EU1085 6 X 4.5″ (Spring type)

EU1005W 12.5″  320mm      EU1018W 78″  1980mm                 EU1088 8 X 4.5″ (Spring type)

EU1006W 18.5″  470mm      EU1020W 94.25″  2400mm          EU1087 10 X 6″ (Spring type)

EU1021W 24″     610mm


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1000mm Wall Upright EU1013W, 1000mm x 170mm Steel Shelves EU1312CW, 1000mm x 220mm Steel Shelves EU1313C, 1000mm x 270mm Steel Shelves EU1314C, 1000mm x 320mm Steel Shelves EU1315CW, 1000mm x 370mm Steel Shelves EU1316CW, 1000mm x 470mm Steel Shelves EU1317CW, 1000mm x 622mm Steel Shelves EU1326CW, 120mm Bracket EU1001W, 1220mm Wall Upright EU1014W, 150mm Book End Support EU1071 (Pair), 150mm x 150mm Book End Spring EU1085W, 1600mm Wall Upright EU1016W, 170mm Bracket EU1002W, 1980mm Wall Upright EU1018W, 200mm Book End Support EU1072 (Pair), 200mm x 200mm Book End Spring EU1088W, 220mm Bracket EU1002BW, 2400mm Wall Upright EU1020W, 250mm x 250mm Book End Spring EU1087W, 270mm Bracket EU1003W, 320mm Bracket EU1005W, 370 Bracket (Heavy Duty) EU1004BW, 370mm Bracket (Reinforced) EU1004BRW, 370mm Bracket EU1004W, 430mm Wall Upright EU1011W, 470mm Bracket (Reinforced) EU1006RW, 470mm Bracket EU1006W, 610mm Bracket (Reinforced) EU1021RW, 610mm Bracket EU1021W, 710mm Wall Upright EU1012W

White Twinslot Shelving